Saturday, August 31, 2019

Saturday, August 31, 2019

 13:00–14:00 Lunch, Krakus Restaurant, Str. Reymonta 15

14:00–14:10 Opening, Building A3, room 103

14:10–14:55 T. Iwaniec, On Ball-Evans Conjecture, Building A3, room 103/Chair – S. Kanas

14:55–15:00 Conference photo

15:00–15:45 A. Celletti, Integrable versus non-integrable systems in Celestial Mechanics, Building A3, room 103/Chair – S. Kanas

15:00–15:30 Coffee break, underpass between A3 and A4

16:00-18:50 Sessions lectures

19:00 Welcome Reception, Building A3, room 103


Session: Topology and Dynamical systems, Building A3,  room 103

16:00-16:20 A. Rechtman, The minimal set of Kuperberg's flows

16:25-16:45 A. Florio, Recurrent sets and Lyapunov functions

16:50-17:10 M. Foryś-Krawiec, Irregular sets and their dynamics in systems with shadowing property

17:15-17:35 A. Kwiatkowska, Universal minimal flows of topological groups

17:40-18:00 L. Palmisano, Newhouse Laminations

18:05-18:25 J. Signerska-Rynkowska, Integrate-and-re models with an almost periodic input function

18:30-18:50 O. Karpel, The number of ergodic invariant measures for Bratteli diagrams


Session: Discrete Mathematics, Building A3, room 105

16:00-16:20 S. Cichacz-Przenioslo, A magic rectangle set on Abelian groups

16:25-16:45 A. Feňovčíková, Cycle-antimagic graphs

16:50-17:10 A. Gorzkowska, The Distinguishing Index and Cost of Edge-distinguishing of Connected Graphs

17:15-17:35 A. Görlich, On inclusive and non- inclusive distance vertex irregularity strength

17:40-18:00 P. Twardowski, Polynomial methods in graph list coloring


Session: Complex Analysis, Building A3,  room 303

16:00-16:20 E. Damek, Absolute continuity of probability distributions satisfying smoothing equations with complex coefficients

16:25-16:45 T. Radice, A Neohookean model of plates

16:50-17:10 S.Kanas, Norm of the pre-Schwarzian derivative and Bloch constant in some class of harmonic mappings

17:15-17:35 E. Trybucka, R. Długosz, Majorization of the Temljakov operators for the Bavrin families in C^n

17:40-18:00 V. Baksa, Analytic in the unit ball vector-functions having bounded L-index in joint variables


Session: Mathematical modelling in biosciences, Building A3,  room 304

16:00-16:20 J. Śmieja, Comparing simulation and experimental data in stochastic systems analysis

16:25-16:45 M. Bodzioch, SIS criss-cross model of infectious diseases in heterogeneous populations

16:50-17:10 M. Choiński, SIS discrete model of illness transmission in a homogeneous population

17:15-17:35 U. Foryś, Modelling of dyadic interactions with time delay

17:40-18:00 P. Bajger. Theoretically optimal chemotherapy protocols for drug resistant tumour growth under angiogenic signalling