The association of Polish Women in Mathematics (PWM) was established to support the development of mathematical sciences in Poland and to contribute to raising the general level of mathematical knowledge. Our main goal is to integrate the environment and provide support to women working in the field of mathematical sciences encouraging them to build an active career in science. PWM intends to provide a representation of the Polish women's community dealing with mathematical sciences in society and to all state, private and local government bodies in the country and abroad.

The initiative to create PWM was established in Warsaw during the 6th Polish Mathematicians Forum (7-12 September 2015). The initiative group composed of: Urszula Foryś, Krystyna Jaworska, Stanisława Kanas, Małgorzata Migda and Ewa Schmeidel proposed to name the association as PWM. The first General Meeting of PWM was organized on April 2, 2016 in Rzeszów. The participants of the General Meeting decided to create and register the association under the aforementioned name. PWM was formally registered on July 5, 2016.

Status of PWM contains activities to encourage women to build an active career in the field of mathematical sciences, support women in their careers and provide a representation of the Polish women's community dealing with mathematics and related sciences in the Polish scientific community, society, state and self-government bodies, public organizations and private. In addition, PWM is to provide the representation of women in European and global bodies, in particular in the International Mathematical Union (IMU), the European Women's in Mathematics (EWM) and the American Women in Mathematics (AWM).

Website: Polish Women in Mathematics