The main goal of the Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, University of Rzeszow is to conduct scientific research on problems that will ensure a constant presence on the national and international map of science in the areas of mathematics, physics, computer science and technical sciences. The modern scientific and didactic apparatus and premises base, which was put into use thanks to the significant financial resources obtained by the Faculty and the University, has allowed to significantly improve and broaden the didactic offer, ensuring its comprehensiveness in relation to the fields of study and levels of education. The scientific research are concerned in convex analysis, complex analysis, generalized functions and lattice theory, differential equations and applications of mathematics, theoretical and experimental physics.

A constant element of the Faculty's strategy is to conduct courses in mathematical, physical and technical sciences, first and second degree, full-time and part-time (bachelor's, engineering and master's courses on general and practical profiles) and post-graduate studies. Based on the basic research conducted at the Faculty, students' education is carried out with particular concern for its quality and the possibility of future practical applications. Education programs take into account the current state of knowledge and students have the opportunity to participate in research carried out at the Faculty. The Faculty develops various interdisciplinary forms of education. Based on modern e-learning equipment, the Faculty launches distance training.