The AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is a modern public university developing collaboration with universities in the country, Europe and the world. The University's priority is to implement tasks integrated into the knowledge triangle: education - scientific research - innovation. AGH University of Science and Technology is a technical university, in which exact sciences have a very strong representation and are the basis for the development of a broad spectrum of sciences applied to the gradually increasing role of social sciences and humanities. In accordance with global development trends, it creates new directions of education, but maintain the classical, necessary for the proper development of science, technology and the economy of our country.
From the very beginning, AGH University of Science and Technology has been strongly associated with the units of the national economy and regional self-government, implementing the postulate of service for the Polish economy and consulting for state and local government authorities. The University supports all activities aimed at creating strong research teams: inter-faculty, inter-university and international. The strong position of the AGH University of Science and Technology requires the intensification and activity of the University in the field of domestic and foreign cooperation in both educational and research areas.


The AGH University of Science and Technology was established to educate students, educate and develop scientific staff and conduct scientific research and development works in accordance with the principles of freedom of teaching, the mission of discovery and the freedom to learn and communicate the truth, in the spirit of respect for individual and service for the good of the country and humanity


With 30,000 students, 2,000 scientists and researchers in 800 laboratories as well as over 200,000 graduates the AGH UST constitutes a strong research community with activity noticeable on the European arena. It is a leader among Polish schools of higher education with regard to the number of patent applications in the European Patent Office and in the lead among Polish technical universities in prestigious international rankings. The AGH  motto is to work in the spirit of the university slogan "Knowledge - Passion - Link".


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